Why you need to make sure your car wash is pumped out regularly.You remember your last trip to your local car wash?  Remember all of the dirt, grime and soap coming off your car?  Ever wonder where all of the debris and chemicals go when our done?

Most businesses that have waste water or fluids are required to have a trap underneath the bay.  The car wash wastewater ends up in what is known as a super trap.  All car washes are required to have one of these super traps beneath ground to catch all of the solids and sludge that accumulate. The typical super trap will contain anywhere from 1000 to 1500 gallons of car wash sludge, and all that sludge needs to go somewhere!

So the next question is “How often do we need to have this car wash waste and sludge emptied out?”  The answer depends upon the amount of sludge that accumulates and the volume of vehicles that are cleaned.  Failing to dispose of this car wash waste can result in the sludge entering the car wash’s discharge pipes, putting your car wash in direct violation of municipal sanitary discharge limitations! Protect yourself from liability and choose Lassila Liquid Waste in Prescott for removal of your car wash wastes.

We will send one of our pump trucks to your location and clean your waste trap.  Removing the car wash waste generally can take up to several hours, during which the car wash can continue to operate!

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