Our commercial septic services in Prescott.Sometimes small businesses are stuck with waste that they don’t know how to dispose of.  Lassila Liquid Waste in Prescott wants to help.  Below is a list of some example commercial septic services in Prescott that we can assist businesses with:

1.  Restaurants

a.  Grease trap pumping

b.  Hydro-jetting clogged lines

2.  Car Washes

a.  Septic pit cleaning

b.  Sand pit cleaning

c.  Drain cleaning

3.   Automobile Shops

a.  Interceptor pumping

b.  Interceptor hydro-jetting

The above are just a small sample of who we can help.  We can also service any commercial or industrial septic tanks.  We are available to inspect and service all septic tank needs.  Additionally we are capable of helping with cesspools and drainage ponds.  Need to know more about your septic system or other items mentioned? We would like to answer any questions before you have issues!

Call us today for your free service estimate. Basic pricing is given over the phone. Any and all additional charges are discussed with business owner before further work is started. Contact Lassila Liquid Waste today for your commercial septic service needs in Prescott. Call 928-772-8015.