How grease traps work and why they need pumped out frequently.The grease trap, also known as an interceptor is one of the more important features in a commercial kitchen.  Everyone knows it is a bad idea to pour oils, grease or fats down your drain.  Well think of how much grease a restaurant produces weekly.  If that grease was dumped down a drain without a grease trap, it could wreak havoc on sewer lines, water treatment plants, etc.  Disposing of the collected grease is needed periodically. Lassila Liquid Waste offers grease trap pumping in Prescott.

Here is more information on how the grease trap or interceptor works:

The grease interceptor is a specialized device designed to ensure that the pipes and the items they are connected to remain unclogged and safe.  There are different sizes of interceptors to accommodate different sized kitchens.  Smaller ones are installed under individual sinks.  The larger kitchens use an outside system that is installed underground.

The basic description of how a grease interceptor or trap work is as follows:

  • Slows down the flow of hot greasy water
  • Allows the greasy water to cool
  • After cooling, the oil, grease and water separate
  • The grease and oil rise to the top
  • The clean water continues on to the sewer

Protect yourself from liability or damage and choose Lassila Liquid Waste Disposal in Prescott to pump out your grease interceptor.  Call us for your free service estimate whenever your grease traps need cleaned out. Contact Lassila Liquid Waste Disposal today. Call 928-772-8015.