About Lassila Liquid Waste Disposal and Septic Tank Service

Septic Tank Pumping, Service, and Installation by Lassila Liquid WasteLassila Liquid Waste Disposal is a family owned business since 1994 offering a professional and timely service with no hidden septic tank service charges added. Our staff members are friendly and courteous and will answer all your septic system concerns to the best of their knowledge.

We are health department approved and are able to handle your septic tank problems. We will be glad to explain how preventative maintenance can help reduce build up caused by grease, oil, fat  and other products found in your field lines. 

If you wait for trouble you’ve got it, when it comes to your septic tank system. When totally neglected, a septic system will clog the field lines within 15 to 18 years for the average family of four. It is expensive to repair and can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your landscaping. The health department recommends pumping your septic tank once every two to four years, if you have a garbage disposal. So don’t wait for costly repairs or replacements when you can keep your system maintained on a regular basis for a lot less money.  We are specialists in septic tank pumping, cleaning, repairs and general maintenance. 

We offer Yavapai County residential septic tank services and commercial septic tank services in Central Arizona (from Flagstaff down Hwy 17 to Apache Junction), contact us today!