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Lassila Liquid Waste in Prescott discusses how grease traps work and why they need pumped out frequently.

Lassila Liquid Waste Disposal in Prescott discusses how grease traps work and why they need pumped out frequently. The grease trap, also known as an interceptor is one of the more... read more

Lassila Liquid Waste in Prescott discusses why you need to make sure your car wash is pumped out regularly.

You remember your last trip to your local car wash?  Remember all of the dirt, grime and soap coming off your car?  Ever wonder where all of the debris and... read more

Lassila Liquid Waste discusses some of their commercial septic services in Prescott.

Sometimes small businesses are stuck with waste that they don’t know how to dispose of.  Lassila Liquid Waste in Prescott wants to help.  Below is a list of some example... read more

Introducing Lassila Liquid Waste - Septic Pumping in Prescott

Do you need septic tank services in Prescott and surrounding areas? Lassila Liquid Waste Disposal is a family owned business offering professional and timely septic services since 1994 with no... read more

Effluent Filters For Septic Tank Systems

Did you know you may have an effluent filter on your septic system between the septic tank and the leach field?     Cross Section of a two-compartment septic tank image   An effluent filter... read more

How Your Septic Tank System Works

"You just came out two weeks ago and pumped my septic tank but it is still full. Why?" This and several variations of the question have to be one of... read more

Important Septic Tank System Information

The Household Plumbing and Waste System If you are like most people, you know very little about your septic system. This is understandable. In urban and suburban areas there are sewers... read more

Commonly Asked Questions & Answers for Septic Tank Systems

Q. What causes the thick crust in my tank? A. The crust is the organic material that has congealed into a solid mass. This condition can indicate a bacterial deficiency. Ask... read more

Inspecting Your Household Septic Tank System

Maintaining Your Septic System  Out of sight and out of mind - does this describe your relationship with your septic system? If you are like most homeowners, you probably never give... read more

Understanding Your Septic Tank System

As long as people have lived in communities there has been a need for sanitary disposal of human wastes. About three thousand years ago homes in the Indus Valley had... read more

Why It Is Important to Maintain Your Septic Tank System

Whether you are a new homeowner or someone maintaining a system, it's important to ask a few questions when you are looking for a company to service your system. Although... read more
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